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9:00 am  

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10:00 am

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11:00 am


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12:00 pm

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Our History



As a church, we believe in being measured by spiritual position, supernatural strength and the power that has been dispensed in us which produces the greatest demonstration of the Kingdom of God. It is our desire to share this Kingdom experience in order to be fully released into our full potential in God. One of the greatest principles ministered at Zion is the keys of the Kingdom are the keys to ultimate truth, the knowledge of which brings true liberty.


Historical Facts


  • The first pastor of Zion Hopewell was Rev. Frederick R. Wallace whom served from 1863 to 1897.

  • Zion Hopewell Baptist Church (formerly) began as a bush harbor. As time moved on, the services were held in a wood structure. The grounds were purchased on August 3, 1893, sealed on August 17, 1893 and recorded on November 3, 1893.

  • The old wooden church fell and services were moved to the old schoolhouse. New construction began on a new building, next to where the wooden church once stood. The construction on the cement block building began on June 1964 and was completed on December 10, 1964.

  • In 1970, the dinning room and the side restrooms were added. The dining tables and chairs were donated by Mr. Lewie L., Sr. and Mrs. Bertha K. Rikard.

  • In 1982, renovations begun inside the sanctuary.

  • In the year of 1986, Reverend Theotis White, I became the pastor of Zion Hopewell Baptist Church (formally known). During this transition, the church went through a ministry makeover and is now is an advancing in the purpose and in the call of God.

  • In June 2006, phase 1 completed which consists of the Life Center that was constructed behind the old church building.

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