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Weekly Services

Every Sunday

Intercessory Prayer

9:00 am  

Morning Glory

10:00 am

Worship Service

11:00 am


Every Wednesday

Noonday Service

12:00 pm

Evening  Service

7:30 pm


Need a Ride to Service?

Contact our Transportation Ministry at


Church Ministries

Ministries of Help

The Ministry of Helps is designed to edify and strengthen the members and visitors through words of comfort, counsel and encouragement in such a way that they feel helped and healed. We minister by faith which comes from hearing the rhema Word of God in our spirits that will bring life and power to manifest the greatness within each individual.


Altar Ministry

To assist in ministering to those in need.


Christian Education

Ensures spiritual growth through a variety of resources that teaches God’s word and His principles which will stimulate a deeper and strong relationship with God.


Counseling Ministry

To minister spiritual and emotional wholeness in the lives of church members.


Elder's Council

The purpose of this ministry is to lead and instruct wisdom to the leadership as well as church members.


Evangelism Ministry

Fulfills and help promotes Christ's "Great Commission," Matthew 28:19,

through crusades, revivals, conferences, workshops and seminars. The ministry

also provides a course of study that helps to equip laity in sharing the Gospel

of Jesus without fear and to wins souls for the Kingdom of God.


First Touch Ministry

Our greeters, ushers and hospitaliy leaders set the tone for our church family and visitors to have a pleasant worship experience by greeting with friendly hearts and loving spirits.


Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Support the church through prayer by praying for the Senior Pastor, Bishop

and Elder White, the Elders, the Ministers and their families. They also pray

the words that have been spoken over the ministry.


Marriage Enrichment

Promotes spiritual, mental, and physical healing between husbands and wives.


Men of Issachar

Prepares men for life through monthly meetings to fellowship and share issues and solutions with others that they may understand their duty to the Kingdom of God.


New Members Orientation

Provides studies that covers the basic belief and doctrines of Zion Hopewell Full Gospel Family Worship Center, which are based from the Holy Scriptures.


Pastoral Care Ministry

Provides a range of services, which includes confidential, marital, individual and crisis counseling.


Prophetic Development

Imparts the express purpose of God in our current situations and provides a distinctive perception of the things of God.


Singles' Ministry

Teaching singles to live a life pleasing unto God financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Total Recovery (Inner Healing Ministry)

Addresses the need for inner healing of the psychological wounds created by various traumas people experience through life's journey.


Transportation Ministry 

Our Transportation Ministry can assist you with a ride to church if you live within the travel boundaries. Contact the Transportation Ministry at 803-892-5611.



Women of Destiny

To create a bond of unity between Women of God by meeting once a month to fellowship and share hearts.


Worship & Arts Ministry

Provide ministry that will illuminate the preached word by Bishop Theotis White through singing, instrumental music, drama and dance.


Youth Ministry

(N. O. I. Z. E.)

Imparting and helping the youth to apply the vision of Zion Hopewell FGFWC,

to walk in biblical principles and to equip them to be Kingdom minded in every aspect of their life.

We have been involved in many projects over the years, and we invite you to learn by example how you can help your community together with Zion Hopewell FGFWC.

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